'Gorwani Foundation' is associated with Various NGO's such as PRATHAM & AARAMBH etc. which are involved in causes & projects of Health & Education. These NGO's receive continous financial support and committed encouragement to carry out their activities on continues basis from GORWANI FOUNDATION.

Aarambh : AARAMBH is a non-profit charity organization based and working in Navi Mumbai (New Bombay), India. This non-government organization (NGO) was created as a Community Service Center for the most marginalized families living in urban slum communities and rural areas. Our goal is to provide educational, health and vocational skills tounderprivileged children and women. AARAMBH is registered with the – The Charity Commssioner –Mumbai, The Income Tax Department and the Home Minstry –(FCRA) Government of India.

Pratham : Pratham is the largest non governmental organization working to provide quality education to the underprivileged children of India. Pratham was established in 1994 to provide pre-school education to the children in the slums of Mumbai city. Since then, the organization has grown both in scope and geographical coverage.

Today, we reach out to millions of children living in both rural and urban areas through a range of interventions.

All our programs are designed to ensure that:
  • 1. Enrollment in schools increases.
  • 2. Learning in schools and communities increases.
  • 3. The education net reaches children who are unable to attend school.
  • 4. Models are replicated and scaled up to serve large numbers of children to achieve a large scale impact.

Pratham firmly believes in working with the government to bring about large scale change and therefore our programs are aimed at supplementing rather than replacing governmental efforts. We have signed Memorandums of Understanding with 8 state governments for our flagship program - Read India and are working in close collaboration with the municipal corporations in several cities such as Mumbai and Delhi.